Terms and Conditions & Rules

Competition Rules 

1                   Eligibility

1                   Participating School & Colleges must have a member of staff as a point of contact, and responsible for the team  All students must have a golf handicap of 24 or less, and in full time education, and under the age of 21 as of 1st September in the school / college year.

For the one day events the handicap limit will be adjusted per competition and posted on the entry page

2                   College Golf Tour Format – Team Event

1                    Each school or college  may enter up to 3 teams  of 4 players into the competition.
2                    The UK will be split into regions depending on the location of participating teams.  Each region in the UK will have a maximum of 6 and a minimum of 4 teams.

3                   Within each region every team shall host an 18 hole stroke play event in the year and pay any green fees required by the golf club hosting the event.  

4                    Teams gain points based on their best 3 out of 4 gross and nett scores.  There will be a gross and nett competition at each event.

5                    Girls participating will play off the ladies tees of the day and their gross score will be adjusted as per the course rating ( contact us if unsure)

6                     Points will be awarded based on the total number of Teams in the region.  If there were 6 teams in a region, the winning team at each tour event would receive 6 points, second place 5 points, third 4 points, etc.  Should there be a tie, the points available will be shared. (For example, if the first and second teams draw, then they would receive 5.5 points each.)

7                  Should the team not return a score for the day (ie. three or more players NR), then the college/school will score 0 points for the day.

8                     If there is a tie after all the regional rounds have been played, the winning team will be decided as follows. In the event of a tie in either the gross or nett team points the aggregate scores of all rounds will be taken into account. If there is still a tie The aggregate of the fifth  score at all events played, if still tied the aggregate of the 6th.

9                    The winning Gross and winning Nett teams from each region will qualify for the team finals.  All teams at the finals will compete in both the Gross and the Nett competitions with the chance to become UK Champions in either Gross or Nett

10                    The winning teams must attend the finals, there will be a subsidised cost for the finals for teams Teams that give less than 2 months notice of cancellation will be liable for all finals costs. Teams may only be made up of at least 3 players that have participated in at least one event in the league

11                    Should a team win both Gross and Nett competitions within a region, then the second placed team in the Nett competition will qualify for the finals by right.
12          The team event will be decided over 36 holes 
13        Schools or Colleges with 3 teams may use their internal order of merit to choose their A,B and C team for each event.
14       Teams that fail to attend the finals will be considered new entries for the following year with a restriction of 1 team entry and liable to the joining fee plus any finals fees from the previous year
16      Caddies may be used as long as they are at the college / school and are not a professional golfer

17   HANDICAPS – Please note players must register their cdh no with the area rep or organisers at the beginning of the season. Foreign players without a CONGU handicap must provide proof of their countries handicap to the organisers

One day events – Southern , Northern Opens 

2 Players per team Strokeplay event with both scores to count gross and nett

Individuals may also enter for  trophies and prizes

Ages from 12-21 with congu or country recognised handicaps. Open to students in full time education at all schools and colleges

Trophies and prizes in different age categories

Winning team eligible for a place at the British Schools National finals 


3                    Players Championship – Individual Event
      Nationals Finals will also have an Individual Gross and Nett event with trophies and prizes for both

4                    Organisation
1                   Organisation run by the ISGA

5       Competition Entry and Registration
1                    All teams shall enter the competition by completing the registration form online or by contacting the ISGA for an email form
1st round September
2nd / 3rd round  October (or before)
4th round  November (or before)
5th round  February (or before)
6th round  21 March (or before)

2                    Dates for each of the (up to 6) events in each region will be decided between the teams in each area. These maybe played at any time with the agreement of the other teams. Please bear in mind that some schools/colleges have their games days at different times so flexibility on all sides is paramount

6       Player Registration

1                  All events maybe qualifying by using the golf club as the handicapping authority. Schools or Colleges may use their own CONGU  handicapping software to calculate the scores subject to authority from the EGU, SGU or WGU
7      Conditions of Play and Fixture Obligations

1                    Regional rounds should as far as possible be played on the dates agreed


2                    Should a tour fixture not be played due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, it is the host college/schools responsibility to rearrange the event to an agreeable date with all other colleges/schools, and ideally as soon as practicably possible. If a fixture is cancelled at the last minute due to course closure all effort must be made to contact all schools and colleges to avoid travel expenditure.

3                    All rounds should be played on a Golf Course affiliated to the English Golf Union, Welsh Golf Union or Scottish Golf Union with a Course rating

4                    All rounds should be played in accordance with local club rules, the Rules of Golf and within the spirit of the game.

5            No ipods / mobile devises maybe used during playing rounds

6                    Measuring devices for distance ONLY may be used in tour events.  Slope adjusting devices will not be permitted, and any player found using them will be disqualified from the event.

7                    Results – For each regional tour event it is the host team responsibility to collect cards and produce a provisional result on the day, and forward the results to the ISGA

8.                   All matches must be completed by the end of the Spring term. Any Matches not finished  by the due date, finalists will be calculated on scores to date

9.                   All players must be registered at the school/college they play for and in full time education. The contract to play is between the college / school and ISGA only. Parents may email for information but any directives must come from the person in charge of golf at the College / School

10.                All Schools and Colleges are responsible for their students at all times. The ISGA take no responsibility for any loss or injury whilst taking part in any of our competitions

8      Alterations of Rules

1                    Alteration of these rules may be made by The ISGA, all decisions final

9       Golf Insurance

1                   We recommend that every player / school / college has insurance to cover any liability in a golfing environment. The ISGA take no responsibility for any loss or injury whilst taking part in any of our competitions. 

2               All Schools and Colleges must hold relevant insurance to cover students whilst travelling to and from events and at any event run by ISGA

3               The ISGA and British Schools take no responsibility for events cancelled due to bad weather. All efforts will be made to reschedule events. Its advised that schools have bad weather policy in place to cover

10     Payments
1          By applying to enter any of the competitions the college or school has entered into a
contract with the ISGA to pay all monies due
a/ entry fees by commencement of league or 2 weeks before one day events
b/ finals fees payable by return upon receipt of invoice. Any monies not received by the date of the National finals will be subject to a £25 surcharge.
c/ Any outstanding balances after the national finals will be charged interest plus costs for recovery
2            The ISGA reserve the right to alter rules at any time  where deemed necessary
All participating teams will be informed of any changes
3           Schools or College that fail to play their host  game will pay all green fees
due to the other schools colleges in their area for matches played

4.    Schools and Colleges that decide not to take part one year will have to rejoin if they wish to take part in future events.

5. Main Trophies will now be retained by ISGA due to many not returned or returned damaged

Breach of Rules may lead to disqualification of the college from the league, and may also include a ban on entering for 1 year or more for serious breaches

11  Entry conditions

By entering any of the British Schools and Colleges  (ISGA) events every school / college acknowledges that they accept the above terms and conditions