January 23, 2018


The British Schools Golf Association have been working hard on behalf of all schools and colleges to lobby government, sport england and england golf to support golfers in full time education

to apply for funding at your school or college please contact the correct officer in the list below and ask for details of how you can apply for funding.

Golf funding contacts

We have had a lot of dialog with the England Golf Partnership re funding and where the money is being spent. Below are the 2 documents that have been sent by England Golf Partnerhip

GIG – 5 Point Offer review

EGP WSP II Summary Document

The British Schools Golf Association along with the ISGA have asked for a full breakdown of where the last amount of £12million has been spent. Sadly the English Golf Partnership refused to give us this information. As the money came from Sport England which uses Lottery money to give to National Governing bodies we have asked them under the freedom of information act to let us have the breakdown.

Sport England have failed to give the information within the required 20 days. We allowed a further 20 days to reply but again they failed to comply with the request. The file has been passed on to the Information commisioners office for review.

we will keep you updated with findings as they come in

23 August 2013 – Received a breakdown from Sport England on the funding spent by the EGP , but with a provisor that the documents cannot be shown to anyone unless we get  permission from the EGP.

We believe we have asked Sport England for the information correctly as a body. So have appealed the decision not to disclose any of the information to our members

30 August 2013- no reply from Sport England so have escalated the complaint to the ICO and have asked Sport England to carry out an internal review as to why over half the information has been redacted, and why information released under the freedom of information act is in their opinion is copyright. Sport England have 20 days to carry out the review.

14 October 2013

reply from Sport England with a climb down on copyright…anyone wishing to see where the funding has been spent please email us on funding@isga.org.uk