Q        would you allow colleges who enter 2 teams to pick their A & B teams round by round.

A        Yes teams may change round by round in order to keep your A team as the best from your school or college

Q        Would it be better to have a limit of 2 teams per school / college

A        Comment taken on board and rules altered to a max of 2 teams

Q        Will the areas be large as we struggle with traveling time

A        Areas will be kept as small as possible and hopefully as the competition grows travelling time will be reduced

Q        Do our students have to be part of the AASE programme

A        No     Any student attending the school / college is eligible to play for their team as

long as they have a handicap of 18 or below

The AASE programme is changing to include Individuals from any school / college now

able to apply. Funding is in place until 2020 contact us for more details on the programme

Q       If we enter one team now can we enter another after the deadline as we may not know

how many new golfers we are going to get until August

A       Yes teams may be added up to the end of August for next years league

Q       Is this competition a replacement for any other competition

A        No  – this is a new competition run by the ISGA in line with the Golf Foundations pathway

to golf. The ISGA is not affiliated to any school, college or University so is totally impartial in its

running of competitions

Q      Are you going to have area representatives

A       Yes  Area representatives have been appointed for each area Contact us if you wish to be

and Area rep

Q      Can you guarantee that we will be playing against quality golf teams

A       All teams of 6 must be made up of players under 18 handicap. All of the entries to date

have teams of category 1 Players.  Once the league gets to a big enough level we will implement

a division 1 and 2 system

Q        Will all the events by qualifying for handicap purposes

A        Only the team finals and Individual finals are qualifying events under the ISGA. Each school / College may make
their round a qualifying via the following methods.1. Ask the host club to put the cards through as away players. 2.
Schools or Colleges who are authorised to run qualifying events may use their own handicap software. 3 Please let
me know if you intend to run any rounds as qualifyers so details can be posted on the website

Q        Is there a cost for finals

A        Cost for finals are heavily subsidised  by ISGA  and will be hosted at Championship Courses

Q       Will your dates clash with other competitions

A       No  –    dates for the College Golf Tour are set by mutual agreement between the schools/ colleges in each area
and then posted on the website. Colleges and schools must be flexible in their timetable for events to be played
as not all schools / colleges have games days on the same day.

Q       Can we get help with green fees

A        Please contact us for a package regarding this and how we can help

Q       Will schools and colleges that take part in the inaugural year have any benefits

A        Yes  founder schools and Colleges entry fee will be frozen for 3 years as long as they enter each year
New entries from 2011 will pay a joining fee of £25 plus the yearly rate of £135 per team
Founder members will also receive ( subject to playing each year)
a listing on the new website for college golf in the UK which will report on the progress of golf in schools
and colleges throughout the UK
Please contact us for more details

Q        Do girls play in the Players Championship finals

A        Yes the top 2 girls from each area will be invited to play in the National Players Championships

as long as they have scored some points on their area leader board

Q       Can we use caddies in the competitions

A         Yes from the national Finals 2012 onwards caddies maybe used as long as they are students under 21

Q.         What if we cannot finish the area matches due to bad weather

A.     We encourage all areas to set their dates early in the year to take advantage of the better weather. Any matches not finished by the end of the spring term will be cancelled and the scores to date will stand for final qualification.
Email us any questions you have

Q Are the finals 18 or 36 hole events

A As from 2014 the team and players championships will be held over 2 days with all players playing 36 holes